The world in which we operate changes constantly and significantly. New challenges arise in our economies, environments and societies at large. Many of these challenges are driven by climate change and related policy changes and by the acceleration and impact of digital and data. We recognise that the challenges the world faces, as captured in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, can only be tackled by working in partnership. Our mission is to ‘Enhance Society Together’ with our clients and other stakeholders through innovation and co-creation.

The reports explains how we contribute to a relevant selection of UN Sustainable Development Goals, as shown in the figure. In this Responsible & Sustainable Business (RSB) Update 2019 we present examples of our positive impact on society in areas that we master and can actively influence (industry, energy, buildings, urban and rural development, infrastructure, aviation, maritime and smart water). We report on our operations performance (people environment, climate friendly operations, equality, diversity and inclusions). The RSB Update 2019 provides insight to how our solutions from last year have been applied successfully to enhance society together, and how we applied our creativity and intellect to develop new solutions. Solutions that will help to enhance society tomorrow.  
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